I’m very excited to work with my sponsor on today’s blog post, Basic Invite!

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Wedding details are where your personality can really shine through.

Whether that’s minimalistic, boho, classic, or a blend of a little bit of everything, these are the personal touches that create an experience not only for you and your partner, but also your guests. Here are my top tips to create an experience to remember without overloading your wedding checklist.

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Tip #1: Make your first impression early on.

Contrary to popular belief, the experience of your wedding day starts way before you actually get to say “I Do.” The first opportunity you get to express your vibe as a couple starts with invitations. From a photographer’s perspective, simple wedding invitations can be a timeless way to make a first impression. As I mentioned in my last blog post, incorporating details like your invitations, programs, and other accessories for the day can really help your photographer capture the story of your day. As you can see, investing into beautiful invitations doesn’t just benefit your guests and their experience. Your photographer and future wedding album will thank you as well.

Invitations from Basic Invite

Tip #2: Keep the good vibes rolling with your website.

Another opportunity to elevate your guests’ experience is through your wedding website. Instead of having a bland website to share your info with your guests, consider using a stylized website that matches your invitations for a cohesive look.

Tip #3: Simplify where you can.

Instead of having these personal touches and details be a huge undertaking that causes you even more stress throughout the wedding planning process, using the same vendor can simplify this process. Basic Invite is can be a one-stop-shop for beautiful and customizable invitations as well as easy-to-use corresponding wedding websites. Just because you want a personalized experience doesn’t mean you need to spend hours personalizing and searching for multiple vendors to make your vision a reality.

Above all else, don’t stress. Many details don’t have to be curated. If you’re not all that into tradition, don’t be pressured into getting a Something Borrowed and Something Blue. Just bring things that you like and are important to you. More than anything, that is what tells the story of you as a couple and that is what will shine through the most.