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hi, i’m tess.


I’m an outdoor enthusiast that also happens to wield a camera.

When I was young, I would spend hours looking through the photo albums my mom curated from monumental moments in our family. I loved that a piece of our history was frozen in time for us to reflect on, relive the joy of, and appreciate for years to come. Photos served as a momentum to our future selves of where we were that day, whether the present was full of birthday cake or days spent around the house.

I guess that’s why as I became older and realized I was a creative living in small town Nebraska, photography was the natural outlet. From there I learned that not only did I love reminsicing on my cherised memories, but I loved capturing those for others.

For me, photography isn’t having control over the situation and making sure all of my clients strike the exact “right” pose. It’s about capturing the moments in between. The moments when your guard is down and you are the most you with the person you love. Those are the snapshots I want to freeze for you and your kids to look back on for years to come.

“Tessa did such an amazing job at making us feel comfortable yet excited throughout our shoot. She captures authentic moments that make the pictures that much more meaningful. Highly recommend!!” 

-Katie, recent client

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